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In the UK there is currently a chronic shortage of drug rehabilitation places available for the woman and her child (let alone the family and their children). But do we want to take our kids to rehab with us or would it be better if there were places for your child to stay while you focused on yourself and getting your drug problem sorted out.

GWV would like to try and collate some views on this topic, so please take a minute to comment. You don’t have to have children to answer although it might give you a slightly different perspective if you do.

There is a space to add any comments as well, should you find answering a little difficult. Things are of course, never black and white so please add those’ shades of gray’.

Thank you for your time. We will run this till August 2011. NOTE: We have decided to continue this poll and collect response and see, over time, how women feel about taking their children to rehab with them, and whether their needs to be more spaces to accommodate women with drug problems Рand their children.


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